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Taking An Auto Accident Case For Rightful Compensation

Car accidents can leave a life-changing scar in the lives of the victims. The accident is only the beginning. Then you have to navigate the often time complex and extensive process of an insurance claim with your carrier, and the carrier of the other driver. How do you know if you are receiving the compensation you need to repair your vehicle? What about costs of future medical treatment? Handling both the insurance company and the car accident claim can be an exceptionally intimidating task. We will help you by having an experienced attorney at Martino & McCabe deal with the insurance companies and answer any of your questions.

We take pride in being the best car accident attorneys in Jacksonville that deal with the confusing insurance and legal proceedings to make sure our clients receive the necessary compensation that they deserve. We will assign a fully supportive team who are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with insight in to the process at any time.

Have you ever wondered how confusing and jittery an individual may become immediately after an automobile accident? The initial feeling involves confusion and dilemma besides the physical pain you suffer. However, as time passes by, you have so many things to worry about, especially the long and unending medical bills. You might be wondering where to get the help. Among the things that the car accident victims need to consider is hiring the services of a reputed Jacksonville car accident law firm. Still, if you are in two minds, you need to know how important it is to contact a lawyer when seeking the rightful compensation for the suffering and to pay the medical bills.

Reasons to hire an accident lawyer:

Knowledge of legal complications

The car accident lawyer you hire has extensive knowledge of the legal tenets of a specific situation, such as the statute of limitations and comparative fault. An experienced lawyer with several years of service in personal injury lawyer knows how to interpret the situation, handle the insurance adjusters, and bring the best settlement options for the accident victims. Quite naturally, a good lawyer increases the odds of winning the case and awarding you total compensation.

Understanding the damages

The car accident lawyer in Jacksonville should not only know how to deal with the aftermath of the accident but have a deep understanding of the following.

The lawyer helps you understand your rights, the fullest extent of damage, and the significance of fair compensation when filing the lawsuit.

With the lawyer’s assistance, you are more likely to receive compensation for medical expenses, disability, pain, trauma, and disfigurement.

If you cannot return to work for a long time after the accident, you will likely lose wages, but the accident lawyer can tread those extra miles and help you make the most of workers’ compensation issues.

The accident lawyer can gauge the extent of physical injuries and mental distress and take you closer to getting the due compensation.

Aligning the injuries and damage

As soon as you sustain injuries in a car accident, you must contact a lawyer. Even if the injuries are not severe and you feel right after the accident, you should not visit a doctor and contact a lawyer. For instance, whiplash injuries do not usually appear immediately after the accident. Just like your injuries are not always apparent, it may not be easy for you to assess the internal damage of the car. The compensation you receive includes the structural damage of your vehicle as well. Hiring a Jacksonville car accident law firm helps you understand that you can rightfully get compensation for physical, mental, and property damage when someone else is at fault.

Negotiating with the insurance company

The insurer can leverage several different ways to reduce the amount of compensation. However, the legal support lets you become more acquainted with the true nature of the insurance companies, especially the adjusters. Typically, they try to convince the accident victims into accepting a low compensation amount. Once you allow the lawyer to negotiate the amount, you take a step closer to your rights.

Coping with the financial losses

What will happen if you handle the accident case along with a lawyer’s support? You may end up filing the suit later than the statute of limitations that may nullify the case. Presenting the case in the wrong way may also be highly detrimental.

If any of the above situations occur, you may not get the amount of recovery and, unfortunately, cannot go over the case again. Therefore, hiring a car accident lawyer in Jacksonville is the best.

How to prove liability:

Unless the Jacksonville car accident law firm you hire helps you get the compensation amount, you need not pay them. Typically, the lawyers get a portion of the compensation amount they receive from the insurance company. One of the most important things about dealing with an accident case is proving liability before the jury, but it is far trickier than you think. The lawyer works on the following elements:

*Understanding how the party at fault breached their duty

*Sustaining injuries due to breach of duty and how you owe the duty of care from the at-fault party

*The losses you suffer due to the injuries

Remember that several factors determine whether or not you are likely to win the case. Still, even if your chances of receiving the compensation look bleak, a reputed law firm will work towards getting the settlement money.

Our experienced lawyer knows how reference to cases and citations support your case favorably.  However, when hiring a law firm, you need not take the plunge hurriedly but explore the options carefully before. We help plaintiffs in Jacksonville with car accident claims with the best success rate.

Our Way of Handling Car Accident Claims

Our experienced Jacksonville car accident attorneys can handle cases through the following process:


At first, our assigned team will collect all the records relevant to the claim, medical records, and bills, information on the insurance policy. All these data will assist our lawyers in understanding your degree of injury. Based on this, they will determine what type of cases you have and if your insurance coverage requires compensation.


The team of Martino & McCabe will examine the car accident in great detail. We will check for evidence such as accident reports, dashcam footage, traffic light cameras, witnesses, etc. to know how to build your case best.


Most cases never go to trial. Instead, most are resolved by negotiation. We will start negotiating with the defense to get the compensation you deserve. You will never be pressured to accept a settlement but it allows us to give you every option along the way.

Types of Car Accident Cases Which We Handle

Martino & McCabe car accident attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida are able to handle all types of claims relating to car accidents, including:

  • Hit and run
  • Texting or distracted driving
  • Under or uninsured motorist
  • Tractor-trailer collisions
  • DUI
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Motorcycle crashes

So if you also have been injured in a car accident in Jacksonville, FL; contact Martino & McCabe today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case with an auto accident Jacksonville attorney.

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