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Get Help For Premises Liability Cases With Personal Injury Law Firm in Tampa

Most of the time, when you trip and fall, it is because of your clumsiness, when you weren’t paying attention at all. But, there are some instances when the fault is not from your side. You were too careful, but the owner of the building ignored the accidental state of the place, resulting in your grave injuries. The injuries you sustain might force you to take leave from work resulting in the no-pay day, or maybe the medical cost of that injury was too high to afford.

What can be done during such instances?

Well, you should not waste any further time and give Personal injury law firm Tampa a call. You need to file a lawsuit against the owner of the property with proof like pictures and witnesses whose negligence resulted in your accident. The reputed lawyers will be your guide in pursuing compensation.

Who will be held responsible?

During such crucial cases, the owner of the property will be held completely responsible for the scene. As he is mainly responsible for the maintenance of the premises, so he is the one to pay for the damages suffered by anyone due to his negligence. The attorneys from reputed legal firms will help you in understanding the seriousness of the case and if your claim is legally able to be pursued.

Common accidents resulting from slip and fall:

There are multiple reasons behind slip and fall injuries. Some of those are listed below for your reference.

  • Maybe the parking lot wasn’t under proper maintenance, resulting in bad accidents.
  • Even the damaged parts of an elevator or an escalator can be risky enough to cause life-threatening damages.
  • Sometimes, some defective part of the building can cause grave accidents.
  • Amusement park accidents are pretty common when the rides weren’t properly checked before every ride.
  • Swimming pools, which are badly maintained, can cause some serious injuries.
  • Inadequate security and maintenance can further result in unwanted situations with you getting hurt in the end.

These are a few of the many reasons giving rise to premises liability cases. So, if you ever think that your life was drastically changed due to someone else’s negligence, then you need to hire professional lawyers to guide you through the entire process and be your perfect advocate for the case.

Various types of premises liability cases:

Even though slip and fall injuries are the most common names under premises liability cases, but those are not all. There are different types of premises liability cases available these days. Some of those are:

  • Chemicals or toxic fumes
  • Water leaks or flooding
  • Fires
  • Dog bites
  • Defective condition of the premises
  • Improper maintenance of the building or premise
  • Snow and ice accidents and more

So, from the points mentioned above, it is clear to state that premises liability will result in multiple scenarios. Even dog bite cases will actually fall under this section because that involves unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. 

The duty of care:

While most of the states will need the property owner to chalk out reasonable care in maintenance and ownership of the property with respect to everyone entering the premise, other states might apply the old rule. It will limit the duties of the landowner, depending on the visitor’s status. Here, the visitors are mostly divided into three categories, and those are licensees, invitees, and trespassers.

  • The licensee will be the one who has landowners implied permission to enter the premise but is coming onto property for his own purposes. The landowner will own licensee a lesser duty just to warn of the dangerous conditions, which can create unreasonable harm.
  • Invitees, on the other hand, will have the landowner’s implied permission to enter the property. They are mainly family, relatives, or friends. Here, the landowner owed a duty of responsible care to keep the property safe for them.
  • A trespasser is one who is not allowed to enter the property. Traditionally, the property owners will not own any duty to trespassers unless that trespasser is a little kid. During such instances, landowners will have the duty to exercise proper care to avoid foreseeable risk caused by the land’s artificial conditions.

As these rules are kind of getting complicated and differ from one state to another, it is vital to contact an experienced lawyer from Tampa Law Firm to get your queries solved. If you have any questions associated with a potential premise liability case, it is better to get that resolved even before filing up the legal papers.

Understanding it from the core:

The lawyers will first understand the case thoroughly and its seriousness. Then, depending on the level of injury and the monetary damages, the solicitor will file a solid case against the property owner on your behalf. With their experience by your side, you can always get higher chances of winning the case over!

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